Assessment Centre – How to identify the key competences for TOP companies

Assessment Centre – How to identify the key competences for TOP companies

Assessment Centre is a more rigorous, leading and objective methodology to obtain an effective diagnosis of the key competences of a candidate for a job. The conclusions of the Assessment Centre are the basis for hiring a professional and/or subsequent further development in the company.

Through a system of multiple standardized evaluations, companies carry out this methodology to find the candidate they seek through simulations related to the job, interviews and psychological tests. It provides with a more objective and real vision of the achievements and capabilities of the candidates, since it allows a deep knowledge part of the personality that can’t be appreciated in the CV or through a traditional interview. Assessment Centre is one of the most developed techniques among Headhunters and Human Resources (HR) consultants for finding the best talent.

Through Assessment Centre, the interviewer can observe the candidate’s ability for analytical thinking and conflict resolution, the ability to priorize and delegate, the speed of response and decision making, the peer’s relationships abilities and their leadership. It is the perfect opportunity for candidates to show –and for companies to see- those qualities and skills that can’t be appreciated on a CV and that are vital to perform the required professional competencies.

The digital transformation era has given rise to new business needs and, therefore, into new tasks. Assessment Centre aims to adapt in a practical way both profiles and professional competencies to thes new jobs. One of the main goals of Assessment Centre is the talent search through behaviour assessment under critical situations.

The evaluation of the candidate’s ability to develop managerial skills is a very important aspect for companies, and it is something that goes beyond the traditional job interview. Companies need to obtain information and performance details from the candidate in a more specific way, and this is done through more precise tests, such as role playing, simulations of situations or in-basket. Through these tests and assessments, they can observe their candidate’s reactions, knowledge, skills, dexterity and conflict resolution capacity. All in the context of real circumstances that they would need to face in their real, day-to-day job positions.

Assessment Centre is the integral tool that Headhunters and Human Resources (HR) consultants use to detect, in a more precise way, the candidates capable of meeting the key competences demanded by the companies.

That is why companies are looking for Human Resources (HR) consultants and Headhunters specialized in developing talent management plans that bring them the best suited candidates.

To be a leading company that stands among their competitors, companies need the best professionals. Assessment Centre is the most effective recruitment method used by top companies to capture the best talent.