César Sánchez

César has a Law degree, an MBA from the EOI and is an EXECUTIVE COACH by the European Coaching School (issued by the International Coach Federation).

He has made his entire career in the Human Resources area.

He began working in AMENA (1999-2002) where his role involved Personnel Selection and Development, then in GRUPO AUNA as a Specialist in Human Resources in the areas of Organization, Internal Communication, Compensation and Policy (2002-2005).

In ORANGE/FRANCE TELECOM as HR Manager, he took on the role of Head of HR Operations, internal and international mobility, special development projects and coordination of HR Business Partners in Spain (2005-2009).

In the course of his career he has taken part in several mergers: Amena and Auna (resulting in the GRUPO AUNA), due diligence of Amena (excision from the Grupo Auna), takeover of AMENA by FRANCE TELECOM (Wanadoo and Uni2) and the launch of the ORANGE brand in Spain (rebranding) and subsequent takeovers of YA.COM and ALPI.

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