Why companies need a Senior Service Designer

Why companies need a Senior Service Designer

Digital transformation has result in the rise of new business models. The digital world is based on the interaction with the client/user and his/her satisfaction when using a service. The goal of every company is to achieve the best customer experience.

In the digital era, where everything is a click away and customers have become more demanding, it’s all about designing services and experiences more than products. The main reason? Digital transformation implies making the life of users easier, among other things.

That’s exactly the key of the service design: to join communication, design and technology to improve the life of both companies and users.

In order to position themselves in the market and outstand from their competitors, companies need the service design activities. Those activities are to plan and organize the infrastructure, communication and material components of a service with the aim of facilitating the interaction between that service and their clients. And, definitely, to provide and excellent and unbeatable customer experience.

This is the reason why the senior service designer position is becoming indispensable for the business world. Both Head-hunters and HR (Human Resources) companies are looking for professional profiles with enough talent to inspire, communicate, analyze, conceptualize, transmit ideas and proposals to both their teams and their clients in the easiest, more practical and dynamic possible way.

A professional service designer has the talent to understand that the digital world has to provide users with easy and manageable solutions. The senior service designer comprehends the big picture and connects all the dots between the different stakeholders in order to develop powerful design solutions.

The profile of this professional is a strategic and creative thinker that inspires and motivates both his/her team members as well as his/her clients, and with remarkable communicating skills. Is that professional with enough talent to always look for and find the best digital design solutions, the best new interaction models and emerging technologies. In addition to that, the senior service designer has the ability to understand all aspects of the online world, he/she is able to analyze the different digital environment scenarios surrounding him/her and can anticipate future needs, offering innovative services and products.

In changing situations, many times uncertain, the talent of these professionals makes them find advantages and opportunities that can transform into value propositions for both business and users. Something essential in the digital era if companies want to stand ahead of their competitors and position themselves in top places.